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How are Essences Made?
Vibrational Healing with Flower and Crystal Essences are a form of very subtle healing that work on energy centres of the body (human or animals) balancing and harmonising energy flow. They are effective in removing negative thought patterns, blocked energy, negative emotions and releasing past traumas.  Essences are also effective in supporting and assisting the ability to move forward in more positive ways e.g. with increased courage, clarity or peace of mind.

Both pet and owner can benefit from the subtle energies of vibrational healing, but it is not meant as a substitute for seeking medical advice from a qualified practitioner.  If you are in any doubt about a medical condition you should consult your vet in the first instance. The healing properties mentioned throughout this site in relation to flower essences, crystal essences, crystals and gemstones represent views expressed in the public domain. We have not undertaken any scientific studies to verify their validity.
All our essences are made either with Crystal Water or Purified Rainwater from the Rainforests of North Queensland.  The process of making an essence is really very simple mechanically although different makers use slightly different methods using selected flowers, crystals, gemstones or herbs.  

They are placed in pure water then left in sunlight for a period of time to create the “mother essence”.  This is then diluted before it is combined with a preservative - typically brandy - and then it is diluted again before being bottled for either  ‘personal dose strength’ or ‘practitioner  stock’.  It is however the pure intention of the maker, and their spiritual energies, together with the individually of the flowers and crystals used, that make each company’s essences unique and why they will differ in effectiveness from one animal or human to another.  

Many cultures have for centuries known of the healing power of plants and gems, although in recent history probably the most well known and certain oldest ‘organised’ Flower Essence range are the Bach Remedies which are sold the world over.  Dr Edward Bach was the father of our modern-day resurgence and growth in the use of flower and gem essences.
Vibrational Essences and Energy Healing:
What are they? How do they work? How can they help you?
"Healing with the clean, pure, beautiful agents of nature is surely the one method of all which appeals to most of us"
- Dr Edward Bach, 1936
How safe are the Essences and can they be used with other medications?
We call our essencesVibrational essences’ because, even though better known as flower essences or flower remedies, essences can be made from many other energies.  This includes other parts of plants besides flowers (stems, leaves, roots, buds, the whole plant), minerals/gems, animals, energy of a place, the moon, stars and sound waves.
In making the essence the vital life force of a substance is preserved for use in healing.  The Essences do not purport to heal a specific physical illness, for instance say for arthritis, as the flower remedies tend to work more on the emotional and mental attitudes, some of which can contribute to bad spells of arthritis. So, unlike herbal or homeopathic remedies, while Vibrational Essences are not specifically designed for physical problems, there is often relief from physical problems as the emotional or mental attitudes change by rebalancing the subtle energy centers of the body.  In this way essences are used to prompt greater levels of health and well-being in the user.
The Essences have no side-effects, will not affect any other medications, are non-allergenic and are safe in pregnancy and for very young babies & puppies. Essences are NOT the same as essential oils used in aromatherapy. Unlike essential oils, they are unscented and unflavored.  Through special preparation, essences contain only the energetic properties of their parent substances. Essences are usually in a liquid medium, generally water with a preservative like alcohol added or in a mist or spray.  It is impossible to overdose as the body will only use what it needs.
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