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Consultations are available by phone or email.  In the first instance it is helpful for you to download the form below, complete it and either email or fax it to me.  Consultation cost is $55.00 and this includes whatever initial essences are required.  Payment is available via PayPal - where you can use your credit card or by direct deposit and need to be paid prior to each consultation.  Follow-up consultations are $35 each plus $12  per 20ml bottle of essences .

Initial consultation for

first pet Free - value $67!

Download the

Treatment Planning Form here

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Once I have received your completed form and reviewed it I will email  you to arrange a suitable time for me to call you for  your half hour consultation .

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½ hour - $55.00

12 weeks - $200,00

12 weeks - $200,00

10 weeks - $100,00

10 weeks - $200,00

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