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From a very young age I always believed there was more between Heaven and Earth than any of us could ever know or imagine and had this constant vague, underlying feeling that there was ‘more’.  In search of that ‘more’ I decided to travel and arrived in Sydney, Austalia in 1979.  Instantly I felt like I had come ‘home’, but still the feeling persisted.  It wasn’t until the early ‘80’s when my daughter was born that I was introduced to Flower Essences and the concept that we, and everything around us,  are all energy.  Simply energy vibrating at different frequencies.

My vision in creating this website and  in my Practice is along the line of ‘teach a man to fish’.  The Essences were provided by Mother Nature and should be available to everyone.  With some guidance, a genuine love of animals and approached with the attitude of ‘for the higher good of all concerned’ anyone should be able to use them without having to visit a practitioner.

To this end our mission is to provide quality Vibrational Essences and the knowledge to use them at affordable prices.

About us...
Our Vision and Mission Statement ...
My friends laughingly called me “The Herbal” with my quest for knowing more about natural remedies and how this ‘energy’ worked.  Sometime later I discovered through a past-life reading that I had actually been a herbalist in a number of previous incarnations.

For years this quest was nothing more than a hobby, a great interest it is true, but still no more than acquiring knowledge just for my own sake.  A career and family took up all my time and then I met a wonderful man who wanted to move to the Rainforests of North Queensland.

We bought six acres here and finally I had not only the time, but the most incredible environment in which to develop my own Essences.  Then, out of the blue, an amazing mentor came along - someone I’d been acquainted with for years, without knowing the depth and range of her knowledge and experience.  With her help and guidance Misty Mountain Pets was born.
So to Jenny Tyler ... Thank you for being the guiding hand and catalyst , partner and creator of our Crystal Essences that make the Misty Mountain Pet range so unique.
Energy medicine, of which the Vibrational Essences are just one branch, can improve the quality of your pet's life. Their lives as well as their bodies can become more vital, supple, easeful, and joyful as you learn to select the right essences and provide the energy that nourishes them, and keeps them clear of the kinds of energy associated with misery and illness.
If just one animal can be saved the pain of abuse or being abandoned because of dysfunctional behaviour then I have achieved what I set out to do.
Diane Smalley